You like science-fiction and/or you're interested in it ? So, this site of more than 4,500 web pages is just made for you.
You'll find here the name of one thousand authors. Forty great writers have my special preference and for them you'll find a biography (in french) a complete bibliography year per year and another one alphabeticaly sorted.
For 623 others you'll find only their complete bibliography.
A complete history of sci-fi since the beginning of Antiquity till now. (in french)
All the main and well known sci-fi attributed awards since they are created.
All the most important french edited sci-fi book collections and editors.
Not less than 10,520 different listed movies about sci-fi, fantasy or horror since 1895 and for 1,236 of them a complete technical file with poster, photographs and 378 video trailers.
More than 3,118 different listed comic books (all in french) and for 1,200 of them a complete technical file with a scan of the first cover and sometimes strips'extracts.

Since a short time, you can see a new chapter dedicated to the US Comics : enjoy the 2,808 avalaible covers and technical credits...

As I'm alone to keep this site alive and to upgrade it (unless twice a week), it's quite impossible (for the moment) to write a translation of the whole site in english. But as almost of the authors have written in this language, and almost of the movies and the trailers are US made, I think you'll enjoy your stay even so much.

And now, go ahead surfing and discovering the world of science-fiction…! ! !

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